Monday, May 9, 2011

My husband got Bust-ed

In an effort to give my husband a really cool profile picture (and to brush up on my portraiture skills), I am doing a bust of my Sam. Bust-ed indeed! It's been really fun to sit and chat with Sam whilst I "bust his chops." Sam and I spend lots of time together, usually with me rambling on about my latest artistic quandaries. Now I'm the quiet one.

Things I love about portraiture:
Searching for the features that make a person's face uniquely "them."
Studying the architecture of the body.
Trying to get the subject's personality to show.

So I've worked hard to get Sam's eyes and cheekbones right... I LOVE these features of his. I am also trying to get a smirk on his lips. Any of you who know Sam know this smirk well. What I don't like sculpting is the back of his head. He has an unusual head shape! Almost there.....

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