Monday, September 24, 2012

Got Carhartt?

I am so stoked! I got featured on the woman's line for Carhartt blog. AND I learned that Carhartt makes their awesome canvas work gear in raspberry. Who knew? I have always loved Carhartt  since tough "skins" really do matter to those of us who work hard in our clothes. 

Check out my post from last November to see what kind of abuse I give my work clothes.

And since you know I love clothing and the practical/fantastical relationship they hold for me you will appreciate the following observations: 

I want to look and feel pretty even when I'm going to get covered in clay and showered in sparks.  I've always worn clothes that I figured were too stained or ugly to wear "out" in public. Well that doesn't quite work for me. I want to look good even when no one else sees me. 

So I understand now that durable AND flattering work clothes rock my world. 

The following photos were taken by Jennifer, the woman who runs the Carhartt blog:

"Untitled" exhibit at the Rio Gallery in Salt Lake City, April 6-30, 2012

I've been meaning to include pictures of my mini installation at the "Untitled" Show at the Rio earlier this year. It's about time!

As I've been doing more and more now, I used recycled legs from previous installs to arrange in a new way for this show.

The premise for the exhibit is that the public gets to suggest titles for your piece. It gets rather interesting to say the least! Namon Bills curates this show each year. Below I am including the best titles my piece was given.

I really like my piece with the egg sculpture in the background--- nice visual pay, eh?

".99 a pound"




"Leg Man's Island Paradise"

"Better Half Volcano"


"Rockette Mountain"


"Barbie and Ken vs. the People"

"Mt. Vesuvius"

"Fantasy Fireplace"

"A Rainbow of Gymnastics Feet" -- submitted by a 6-year-old