Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Living with Legs

Jen Harmon Allen leg installation in home of Foster Art Patron

Jen Harmon Allen leg installation  and dress in home of Foster Art Patron

As a part of the Foster Art Program, I have been loaning out my art to quite a few fabulous art patrons in the Salt Lake area. These patrons agree to try out contemporary art in their home or workplace for a few months.

In return, participating artists like myself get written feedback at the end of the loan period that addresses what it is like to live with our work. How did you interact with the work on a personal level? Compared to a museum visit, was it more or less fulfilling to see contemporary art staring back at you from the kitchen table? Did living with the work challenge or confirm some of the ideas you have about non-traditional art?

Jen Harmon Allen leg installation in home of Foster Art Patron

I love this program because I meet people on a basis of common interest. As a near-hermit, I struggle with getting out of my world. Part of this has to do with living far away from Salt Lake. Partly I can blame my motherhood status. But really I can only credit myself: I'm a typical artist who likes to hole herself up with her all-consuming delicious dreams and ideas. Being around intelligent people who think deeply about the world keeps me engaged!

Here are some images one of the patrons sent to me recently. Her family was the first to agree to take a box or two of my legs and arrange them in their home. Without my guidance. I love the way they form a sort of growth on the edge of the mantle: a swarm of bees, or legs rather. Very organic! Good job boys!

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